Spread Joy & Sweetness: The ACE Money Transfer & Yonna Forex Ramadan Surprise!

Many Gambian immigrants from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and Australia send money to the Gambia to keep the holy spirit of the month of Ramadan. Many families in the Gambia depend on money sent by their relatives living abroad. In 2023, The Gambia received a total remittance inflow of USD 737.12 million. This amount made up approximately 32.11% of the nation’s GDP, showing a 3.46% rise compared to the previous year. 


This financial help allows families to meet basic needs, pay for education and healthcare, and improve their overall quality of life. This Ramadan, sending money home will be even more enjoyable, thanks to a unique collaboration between ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex. They’ve partnered together to provide a wonderful surprise to remittance receivers.

Role of Remittances in the Gambian Economy 

Even beyond the month of Ramadan, remittances play a vital role in supporting the economy of Gambia. Financial transfers from Gambians living abroad to their families are important in economic development. 

Increasing Household Spending and Supporting Local Businesses

One of the most direct effects of remittances is the increase in household spending. When families receive the money, it helps increase their purchasing. This enables them to fulfill basic needs and plan for the future. 


The increase in consumer demand also increases the income of local businesses, causing an increasing effect on the Gambian economy. This results in an increase in market activity, encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities, promoting job creation, and diversifying the economy.

Boosting Economic Growth and Development

Remittances have a positive effect that goes beyond the direct expenses. The increased remittances flowing through the Gambian economy create favorable conditions for potential investments. Some families invest in education or healthcare, resulting in a more skilled and healthy workforce. 


Others spend the money to establish small businesses, which can help boost overall economic development. This investment and development cycle sets the stage for a stronger and more resilient Gambian economy.

Socially Responsible Financial Institutions

The Ramadan campaign by ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex showcases how financial institutions can extend their services beyond money transfers. They create a meaningful social influence by acknowledging the significance of remittances in the Gambian economy.


Initiatives like these provide financial assistance to families but also help strengthen the bond between Gambians living abroad and their relatives in their home country.

ACE Money Transfer & Yonna Forex’s Ramadan Campaign 

With the arrival of the crescent moon, Ramadan brings a sense of unity and giving to neighborhoods. This year, ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex are enhancing that spirit with a heartwarming Ramadan campaign. This campaign is aimed at bringing Gambian families closer to each other and making their Ramadan sweeter. 

Empower Your Loved Ones During Ramadan

By selecting ACE Money Transfer to send money to any Yonna Forex branch, you are not only providing financial help to your family but also bringing a heartwarming surprise.


By using this reliable and effective service, you are providing your loved ones with the means to manage their financial responsibilities and enjoy Ramadan more happily and easily.

Prizes for the Remittance Receivers 

ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex collaborated to provide a pleasant surprise for recipients of remittances. Recipients can have 1 kg bag of sugar every time you transfer 4,000 Dalasi or more. All you have to do is use the ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website to transfer money and use Yonna Forex’s branch to let the recipients receive the amount in the Gambia. 

Key Components of the Campaign 

Here’s the details of how this rewarding Ramadan campaign works:


  • The sender needs to be from the UK, Europe, Canada, or Australia.
  • Use the ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website to easily send money to your family and friends in the Gambia.
  • Use the Yonna Forex branch to receive money from your family and friends in the Gambia.
  • There are unlimited transfers allowed. 
  • There will not be any lucky draws.

One Transfer Per Day 

Each recipient will only get one bag of sugar per day, even if you make several transactions on the very same day. During Ramadan, you can send money daily to ensure your loved ones receive multiple sugar bags.

Duration of the Campaign

This special Ramadan campaign lasts from the beginning of Ramadan, starting on the 1st day, until the end of the holy month in 2024. It gives people plenty of time to enjoy its perks and share happiness with their loved ones. 

Terms and Conditions 

For all the information and terms and conditions, you should check out the official campaign page of ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Ramadan Surprise. Let’s work together to make sure that this Ramadan is a special and unforgettable time for your families in Gambia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any restriction on the quantity of sugar bags the recipient can receive?

Yes, each money transfer will only result in receiving one bag of sugar per day. No matter how many transitions you make in a day, it will only account for one transaction. 


Is it possible for my recipient to receive more than one sugar bag?

Yes. For your loved ones to enjoy multiple bags of sugar during Ramadan, you can easily send money through ACE Money Transfer to Yonna Forex daily.


Is there a specific range for transfer amounts needed to take part?

Yes, a specific transfer amount is required to join the campaign. If you make a transaction of at least 4000 Dasali through ACE Money Transfer to a Yonna Forex branch during Ramadan, your recipient will get a free bag of sugar.


What happens if I am not residing in The Gambia? Is it still possible for me to join in?

Unfortunately, no. If you do not live in the Gambia, then it is not possible for you to join the campaign.


Where can I find more information about ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex?

For additional details about ACE Money Transfer, you can check out their website or get in touch with their customer service team. Feel free to stop by a Yonna Forex branch or contact them directly with any questions you may have.